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By analyzing key information and data we’ll craft effective strategies to market your business in the most popular channels proven to bring more clients and sales.

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We power inbound SEO strategies that generate qualified leads and nurture sales opportunities.

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We are here to deliver dynamic digital solutions. Whether you need to improve your current online reputation, cultivate your online brand identity, maximize the value of your big data, or simply kick your local digital marketing up a notch—we can make it happen!

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Why Do You Need Digital Marketing?
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That’s the question: how can our digital marketing services make your business grow?

It’s okay if you don’t understand it at first, but just keep reading so we can explain you in simple terms why digital marketing is the recipe for success for your business.

We live in the times of the internet. People – who are your potential clients – search for your services and products online. What our digital services do is to make those potential clients find your website, so you can cover them into clients and sales. That’s it.

If you want to be successful in this century, then you need to use the power of the internet on your favor, and that’s exactly what SEO Heroes Australia can do for you!

Frequently Asked Question

1Are Organic Results and Paid Results Any Different?
Yes. Organic results, as the name suggests, are organic, because the search engines show them naturally by using their algorithm when a person searches for a keyword or key phrase. Paid results, on the other hand, are only shown by paying the search engines (Adwords or Bing Ads) to place them at the top of the pages for certain keywords and key phrases.
2What Is Pay-per-click (PPC)?
It is a digital marketing scheme where you pay a fee for each click your ads receive on search engines, for example Google. It is a great way to deliver high-quality traffic to your website in a fast manner. And yes, SEO Heroes Australia can offer you that service.
3Is there another way to Top Placement?
The finest tried-and-tested way of achieving a top ranking in the search engine results is Search Engine Optimization. Although it may seem easy and simple, it is a time-consuming process that calls for a lot of research and very up-to-date knowledge of the latest search engine guidelines and instructions, tactics, and web site structures.
4Does Google hate Search Engine Optimization?
It’s impossible! Google and SEO are working partners. Google sustains this good friendship by offering a number of SEO tools and advice. Usually, Google and big SEO companies ties up that a major portion of Google’s client list is made up of SEO companies that buy Pay-Per-Click Ads from Google.
5Is There Any Other Way to Achieve Top Placements on Search Engines?
The most powerful way to achieve top rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing is SEO. For some persons it seems simple, but there are several ranking factors to take into account (over 200), tons of research to do, complex strategies and more. But worry not, because we take care of everything so you can simply enjoy the results!
6Can I Do This All On My Own and Save the Money?
Of course, you can do it all on your own. Just take into account that it will take way longer, and for every mistake you make, it will take several weeks or even months to fix it. Moreover, you will have to invest plenty of time learning and testing. On the other hand, if you work with SEO Heroes Australia, you will get a team of SEO professionals with more than 9 years of experience on the field. You will get better and faster results.
7How Many Keywords to Use on Each Web Page?
Let’s get this clear right off the bat: Google hates keyword stuffing. Keyword frequency must be naturally, but if we were to give a range of what’s acceptable, then it’d be around 1-3%. But this can only be answered after a good keywords research.
8Does It Take Long for SEO To Work?
It differs from site to site, but the best effects of SEO are seen in the long-term. Although, in the short-term, you will begin to see small yet measurable results.
9Why Do Some Websites Require the Addition of Extra Elements to Impact Rankings?
There are many elements that influence rankings, and hence, sometimes the addition of extra elements is necessary. Google deploys ‘spiders’ to analyze a website, and when certain elements are present, then they to reward that website with higher rankings, and that one can be yours. We make sure to fill all the voids.
10Why Don’t Web Designers Add Them Right Off the Bat?
It happens because most web design studios don’t have much knowledge on how SEO works. That’s a major difference between what they offer and what our web design studio can do for you. We unite the art of design with the science of rankings, so you can get a beautiful and highly-converting website that kills it in the rankings!
1How to Set an SEO Goal?
For starters, what’s an SEO goal? It is the number of visitors you want to receive, along with the expected conversion rate and revenue. In order to meet that goal SEO, web design and conversion rate optimization (CRO) have to work together, and that’s what we do at SEO Heroes Australia.
2How Much Does SEO Cost?
Each business has different needs, therefore, each one needs a different plan with a different price. Your business is unique, and all you need to do is to contact us for a Free SEO consultation.
3How Long Does SEO Take to Kick In?
There is not a single answer for this question. For example, larger sites may see quick results, while new and smaller sites may take a bit longer. There are more than 200 ranking factors, therefore, it’s hard to say an exact date, but when you work with an agency like ours, you will see measurable results quite fast.
4Can My Website Keep Its Rankings Forever?
It’d be very irresponsible from our part to make such a promise, because it’s not say that your website will maintain its rankings forever. That’s why here at our SEO agency in the Gold Coast we offer you a monthly service, so we can constantly improve and maintain your rankings!
5Do All Search Engines Work in the Same Way?
Google, Yahoo and Bing work in different ways. But fortunately, we know how to work with each one of them in order to offer you the SEO solution you are looking for your business.
6Does a Website Need Speed Optimization to Rank Higher?
Totally, because if your website doesn't load fast then people will leave it soon, which means you will have a very high bounce rate which is a clear indication that users don't like your website. Therefore, if you want to rank, then your website needs to load very fast.
7Do Meta Descriptions Still Matter Nowadays?
What is a meta description? It is a small text that is placed below your page in search engine results. And yes, it is very important, because it will help you to increase your click-through rate, and hence, bring more traffic to your website. Therefore, they matter a lot. And worry not, because our expert copywriters will take care of writing traffic-pulling meta descriptions for your website!
8What is the Sitemap.xml?
It is like an index of your website. It works like a reference for search engines to know how to index your content. And you should also take into account that it displays the hierarchy and categorization of your site.
9What is the Robot.txt?
It is a special page that acts as a source of information for spiders sent by search engines, in order to know the number of pages you want to get crawled and indexed.
10What Are Citations?
Citations play a very important role in local SEO and we use 3 of the most advanced tools in the market to find the best citation opportunities for your business. They allow Google to know that your business is real and collect important information about it, which will be crucial at the hour of ranking in the SERPs and Map pack.


  • Tom Sorensen has been satisfied with our services and has decided to leave a review telling his experience.
    I was impressed by Matteo's analysis of our web site. He discovered things that even our big corporate head office had failed to do. His recommendation to improve the listing on the search engines and how we could improve the web site text for an overall better performance. The regular follow up, his energy and commitment was an absolute pleasure. I have already suggested others in my network to seek Matteo's valuable advice.
    Tom Sorensen
    Grant Thornton
  • Kay is a satisfied client who has happily reviewed our services.
    The Best SEO for your bussines so far. Very professional. In about 3 month we hired this service we became Number 1 on Google page ranking.
    Kay Kaesler
    Big Bike Tours
  • Eric Manson can vouch for what we do at the agency!
    Matt is very helpful and knowledgeable of SEO work and other website design and management work. I'm very satisfied with the work he has done for us. Additionally, he is very friendly and takes a very personal approach. He's always there to answer any questions I may have, also very trustworthy and honest. I highly recommend.
    Eric Mason
    Inspire Rehab Center
  • Jarvis has been satisfied with the results provided by SEO Heroes Australia!
    I found SEO Heroes while on a holiday in Thailand, Matt was exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. I got SEO Heroes to make me a new website from start to finish, their communication was fantastic. I'm from Australia and at first was hesitant to use a company overseas, after doing so I can assure you they will do a great job and will also complete all agreed tasks with efficiency and professionalism.
  • You will be in good hands with Matt and the team! The service they provide comes with great customer service, they are most knowledgeable and efficient! Thumbs up also on the follow up. Our favorite superhero in Thailand!!!! Thank you for your support!
    Lucija Perko
    Stories of Silver & Silk
  • Matt has been providing superb service, communication and advice with ongoing improving result of our SEO rank. If you want to find someone who can give a practical consultant and proof the solid result, this is a right place. We are very happy with this investment.
    Orion Healing
  • Working with Matteo was an absolute pleasure, not only was he extremely capable and knowledgeable about SEO his knowledge on point and up to date, something which I feel is a big issue with most "professional" SEO agencies.
    Sia Mohajer
    Market Monkey

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